Dealer Terms
Dealer Showfield in Bouckville, New York



Dealer agrees to abide by the terms listed below:

  1. Display and sell antiques, collectibles and related items. (Nothing distasteful)
  2. Dealer agrees to be liable for any damages caused by themselves or their employees or assistants.
  3. Dealer agrees to release promoters of the show and owners of the show grounds from any loss or liability during the duration of the show.
  4. Dealers will provide their own tent,tables and chairs, if needed.
  5. Dealers may park within their booth space that they have rented, not to exceed their marked off footage. 
  6. Tents including stakes and poles must be within your space. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED!
  7. THANK YOU  for your co-operation, in these matters.


View of upper entrance to the showfield and parking.

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